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About Us
About Us

We believe the internet search should be a simple, inspiring and easy alternative to traditional Internet navigation. So, we have taken up the step of simplification for the end-users to browse through multiple search engine quickly, whether they are interested in Entertainment, Shopping, Books, News, Images or anything they are looking for. With Panadaa you could search for multiple things at the same time and experience quick search result.

Although we do our best in making Panadaa the best tool for all of your browsing need, we do understand the fact that each user is of a different field of interests. Therefore we're giving users easy to use quick search tool. Select the search engine and find everything you need on the web.

Instant search Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, Bing Yahoo and a lot more. Make your homepage the way you want it to be: Fast, customizable, beautiful and productive with our beautiful start page.